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Top 10 HR Tech Startups - 2018

In today’s digital era, technology is disrupting a multitude of industries. One facet in the working of a business that has experienced a significant change due to the infusion of technology is the recruitment process. With the number of candidates eligible for employment increasing every year, a wave of startups has emerged to aid conglomerates hire skilled individuals by presenting opportunities that are best suited to their skill set. Additionally, to simplify the convoluted hiring processes, startups are leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analysis, machine learning (ML), and more.

The emergence of these tech-based startups saves a significant amount of the HR departments’ time as AI and ML algorithms are used in the assessment of candidate profiles and the creation of candidate requirements by organizations respectively. Recruitment videos that can be shared on social media platforms for higher engagement rates are also gaining traction because of the real-time data monitoring made possible through analytics. Furthermore, large businesses are leveraging platforms that allow them to design their own customized recruitment application to fill in the gaps and boost the flexibility of their hiring process.

That said, these state-of-the-art HR technology providers play a vital role in boosting the operations of an organization by simplifying the recruitment of highly skilled individuals that offer newer and more innovative perspectives. In order to help organizations stay one step ahead of current industry trends and provide a better view of the recruitment landscape, a distinguished selection panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of HR Tech Outlook has examined and selected some of the leading-edge HR tech startups.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Tech Startups – 2018.”

    Top HR Tech Startups

  • Provides pre-curated dashboards that help integrate the business process and the human workforce to ensure increased productivity

  • Astound’s AI platform for enterprise service uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate answers to common employee questions and provides relevant recommendations in real-time

  • EverythingBenefits is simplifying the employee benefits cycle through marketproven enrollment and administration solutions that complete the existing employers’ toolkits

  • Replaces obsolete large employer group insurance models using innovative technology to usher in a new era of worker owned health benefits

  • Mobile Talent enables recruiters to source, qualify and engage with job seekers faster and more efficiently—right on their mobile devices

  • A web-based employee engagement solution built to reinvent the way that employees give information back to their management and vice versa

  • Crowdsourced innovation management software

  • Talentify revolutionizes the way companies find qualified candidates through its programmatic candidate sourcing engine, Advertize, and convert more candidates into hires through its hiring funnel optimization platform, Optimize


    Stella connects candidates with open job positions using its data science and AI-based shared talent network

  • Visier


    Provides answers to hundreds of pre-built, best practice questions about the workforce, across HR and business topics