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Jana Fuelberth, Co-Founder & President, analytic.liJana Fuelberth, Co-Founder & President
Between the two of them, Jana Fuelberth and Corey Koopmans have a little over a decade and a half of experience in the HR & payroll software industry with a majority of it spent in a previous venture together, a company that matched employers with the best HCM platform. It was those client experiences (the firm not only matched the employer but did the implementation and ongoing support) that both Jana and Corey point to as the inspiration for “For us, our greatest source of innovation has been empathy for our customers. We watched as our customers would process payrolls, accept timesheets, and add and update benefit plans in the platforms we offered. But, it never seemed to be enough. What we learned while serving our customers is that human capital data is only one ingredient in making the meal which is a successful business,” shares Fuelberth.

The duo, now’s President and CEO respectively, observed that most employers were forced to make decisions about their businesses in a vacuum either focusing on their profits or people. They did this because it was difficult to combine the business data and the human capital data since they existed in the different silos created by the payroll, timekeeping, ERP, CRM, and financial platforms. This realization was happening about the same time that Koopmans was rolling out a business analytics platform for internal purposes. “I guess I have always been analytically-inclined. I mean, you do not know how you are doing if you do not know your numbers, right?” says Koopmans. So, take the constant need for more data access from their customers and internal zest for analytics, and you have the beginnings of “I’m sure every entrepreneur can look back and knit together the different experiences and points in time that influences their vision. In retrospect, we were in an almost perfect position to really understand the problems and questions employers of all sizes were (and still are) grappling with,” says Fuelberth. today is an analytics offering that offers its customers a best-practices approach in effortlessly combining human capital management data like recruitment, talent management, total rewards and workforce management and relevant business data sets found in ERP, POS, financial packages, budgeting systems and the like and presenting insights ‘just in time’ to the right users. “We are all about the democratization of human capital management of analytics,” says Corey, “For our users, analytics doesn’t need to mean dashboards.
Corey Koopmans, Co-Founder & CEO, analytic.liCorey Koopmans, Co-Founder & CEO
I think the industry gets hung up on visualizations and complex delivery mechanisms. While they’re great (and our product is full of them too) we’ve made analytics simpler and easier to consume so more people in an organization can benefit.” As an example of this, Jana and Corey share countless stories specific to the verticals they serve. Like a manufacturing customer where they serve anyone from the CHRO to the production line shift supervisor. “Sure, they (the CHRO or production line shift supervisor) use differently. But, they’re still leveraging the power of curated data,” shares Jana. “While the CHRO is looking at a dashboard investigating who could be a flight risk to the organization, we help the production line shift supervisor closely monitor productivity from his cell phone through our ERP and HCM platform integration.” While manufacturers have taken a liking to’s powerful people analytics, the use cases span retail, distribution, healthcare, hospitality, and the public sector. “We like to think that all of our customers have two things in common: (1). They have people (2). They are creating something that drives their revenue. It could be a car part or a hospital stay or a service to their clients,” says Corey. has figured out how to simplify people, business and the various personas involved to make analytics applicable and accessible for organizations of all sizes.

We are all about the democratization of human capital management of analytics

What’s next for “Two things,” shares Jana, “Making it even easier to get started,” (which is a bold statement since’s pre-built connectors mean customers are up & running in 45 minutes of their time “and, making it even easier for every user persona to get instant value out of Look people are busy but well-intentioned. We believe that employers will be better employers and more successful businesses when the right recommendations come to the right people at the right time.”