EverythingBenefits: A New Era for HCM

Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO, EverythingBenefitsRachel Lyubovitzky, CEO
These days, when a company decides to offer benefits to its employees, it oftentimes grapples with many challenges in doing so. From effectively managing benefits enrollment and fulfillment experiences, to keeping track of regulatory compliance requirements on the state and federal level, to the ever-rising cost of the actual benefits themselves, it can be quite challenging. Despite advancements in Human Capital Management (HCM), many companies still struggle to offer their employees a way of experiencing their benefits that is both affordable and risk-averse for the employer.

In an age where employers are increasingly realizing the value of employee benefits in helping to attract and retain talent, EverythingBenefits offers a unique suite of technology solutions that aim to make enrolling and managing benefits as simple and easy as it ought to be. “We offer benefits solutions that integrate with our clients’ existing HCM platforms and completely transform processes that without which can be time-consuming, error prone, and quite frankly, boring,” says Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO of EverythingBenefits. Working directly with client companies and partnering with payroll providers, HCM platforms, and brokers, the firm leverages smart technology to make benefits administration fun, simple, and accessible for everyone. EverythingBenefits does this by providing a range of solutions for whatever your benefit needs are, such as Enrollment Self- Service (ESS), COBRA Administration, Billing, & Payments processing, bi-directional Financial Integrations, and others.

The company’s goal is to give HR managers and teams complete control over their employees’ benefits experience, with comprehensive, easy-to-use, and integrated solutions that eliminate time-consuming management and administration tasks while incorporating cost transparency tools to view employee benefits spending. Today, EverythingBenefits connects with over 600 benefits carriers in the U.S. to carry out its vision of a better world for administrators, employees, and COBRA participants alike.

EverythingBenefits’ multi-point benefits technology solution seamlessly integrates with existing HCM platforms, payroll providers, and internal company systemsbringing greater efficiency and, transparency to benefits management

“Having connections with so many different carriers is a great advantage for us. We’re able to add value to our customers and partners not just by delivering data to carriers, but also by validating it for quality purposes,” says Lyubovitzky.

One of EverythingBenefits’ most popular solutions, Benefits Reconciliation, merges carrier billing information with employee enrollment and payroll data to help flag discrepancies that can easily go unnoticed without the proper viewing lens. “With Benefits Reconciliation, we completely revolutionize the carrier billing process into an easy two-click experience that helps eliminate overpayments and underpayments, uncover hidden costs, and reduce liability risk,” states Lyubovitzky. For managers that either don’t have the resources to do this themselves or are conducting audits regularly, Benefits Reconciliation has much to offer. “This solution in particular is a hit with our partners and clients. The ability to create and send auditing reports for brokers to their contact on file sounds like music to their ears,” she adds.

With over 180 partners supporting more than 2,500 corporate customers, EverythingBenefits enables users to make smarter decisions with its market-tested technology solutions. One such partner, PropelHR, a Greenville-based HR consulting company, had integrated Benefits Reconciliation into their HCM platform to further improve their audit efficiency and accuracy. Previously, PropelHR reluctantly relied on manual processes to get the job done. With Benefits Reconciliation however, PropelHR was able to see a 95 percent improvement in their benefits reconciliation process and fully-automate payroll deduction processes for their customers.

With a thriving partner and customer network that helps the company translate insights from users into new services and solutions, EverythingBenefits poises itself for continual growth and innovation moving into 2019 and beyond. The company is well-equipped with a team that is passionate about improving the benefits experience for everyone, guided by a philosophy that states, “Technology should make life simpler, more rewarding, and more enjoyable.”