Astound: Reinventing Employee Service with AI

Dan Turchin, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, AstoundDan Turchin, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
It’s no secret that great employee experiences drive talent retention and acquisition, as the quality of work life becomes a bigger driver of where employees choose to work. These experiences begin with exceptional employee support. “When employees enter a new workplace, they expect equal service and priority an organization offers to its consumers. Employees expect the right answers to routine questions without waiting for hours or days. Lack of proper support and service demotivates employees, challenging the whole relationship between the employee and employer,” begins Dan Turchin, a serial entrepreneur with deep domain expertise in enterprise service management and their technical processes.

Following his entrepreneurial spirit and propensity to transform processes to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction, Turchin has pioneered a new approach to ensure that employees’ every question receives the right answer the first time. He co-founded Astound in 2016 to create better experiences with AI-driven and fully automated employee support. Astound’s AI platform for employee service uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate answers to common employee questions. The platform has been designed to enable the modern workforce to focus on the most engaging aspects of their jobs while eliminating cumbersome and time-consuming tasks.

Astound’s AI-driven automation leads to lower cost per ticket, fewer escalations, and higher customer satisfaction. Unlike competitors, Astound’s platform completely follows the lifecycle of the service request from an employee’s initial query to its closure. With the Astound AI platform, not only do employees benefit from better service delivered faster, live service agents also become smarter with contextual recommendations and predictive analytics, and more productive with the aid of auto-routing and case assignment.

The real value of applying AI to HR is that the right answers are all buried. The magic is mining that treasure chest of data

The real value of applying AI to HR is that the answers are all buried in HR services’ historical interactions. The magic of AI is to mine that treasure chest of data and figure out the best approaches, processes, and workflows based on historical data. “The best knowledge base in the world doesn’t contain an answer that’s tailored to a particular employee request,” says Turchin. That’s the reason why Astound’s platform analyzes and understands the request to find the right answer wherever it lives—in documents, applications, wikis, emails, chat histories, and more.

Astound’s machine learning platform provides users with an intuitive and accurate virtual agent that learns continuously and responds using natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU). Astound makes traditional HR and HCM systems of record intelligent. The virtual agent eliminates the need to call the help desk and automatically diagnoses and resolves employee issues. Employees ask questions using text or voice and Astound finds the best answer.

From an onboarding standpoint, employees have to be allocated depending on their job role, time, pay level and policies, and compliance and regulations. Astound’s AI and machine learning can automate the process of figuring out a list of variable dimensions such as most appropriate laptop configuration, seating, permissions, and payroll policy. What might have taken days or even months, Astound reduces to hours with higher accuracy while offering employees a better experience.

A wide array of organizations including Fortune 500 companies relies on Astound for enhancing their employee engagement. Today, the company is laser-focused on augmenting the capabilities of their AI-driven automation solutions. “Based on the results our customers are getting, it’s only a matter of time before every organization uses AI-driven automation to create better employee experiences,” concludes Turchin.