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Top 10 HR Tech Startups - 2020

Companies are investing in modern technologies to enable flexible processes that allow their HR teams to attract, engage, and retain top talent. Disruptive technologies like the cloud, AI, and machine learning have made considerable strides in the HR space by providing HR professionals with predictive analysis to maintain talent relationships in an end-to-end manner, from candidate selection to onboarding through training and in-house career development. Modern HR decision makers thrive on digitalized, data-driven processes and use various platforms, such as cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS), employee experience system and recruitment management system, to collaborate with the stakeholders and take the best foot forward. With HRMS, HR can design programmes to enhance employee motivation and workplace morale across multiple geographies.

Furthermore, technology has taken the heavy burden of administration off the HR staffs’ shoulders and allowed them to focus on more strategic work. The HR departments can focus on implementing predictive analytics to glean meaningful insights on talent management. Besides, cloud technologies aid HRs in not only simplifying tedious tasks but also in staying compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations. What’s more, analytical tools help them get a clearer view of the discrepancies in employee compensation and engagement and take necessary steps to nip the problems in the bud. In the near future, technologies will further streamline HR processes as blockchain integration can help HR managers achieve standardization and trust with tamper-proof ledgers.

With the HR expanse standing at the cusp of technology transformation, a wide array of solution providers are entering the market with their unique HR technologies. To help companies choose the solution partner best suited for them, HR tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 HR tech startups. These companies are transforming the HR landscape with various disruptive technologies and best-in-class services.

We bring you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Tech Startups - 2020.”

    Top HR Tech Startups

  • AdminaHealth® was founded on a disruptive idea: deliver the most complete cloud-based billing consolidation, reconciliation, and payment management solution to the benefits industry. With a single software system, AdminaHealth provides unique operational, reporting, and billing solutions specifically targeted to the Broker, TPA, Captive, Association, and Carrier industries. AdminaHealth’s innovations are transforming processes across the premium billing spectrum, and there are even more platform enhancements on the horizon including further expansion of payment processing, additional opportunities for self-service, and more API integration with third party applications

  • DailyPay is an HR Technology that empowers financial wellness by offering instant access to earned wages, helping organizations recruit, retain, and engage their workforce. In addition to being a SOCII certified gold standard solution provider for on-demand pay, DailyPay provides a full-service experience, including customer support and compliance resources. DailyPay helps strengthen the employee-employer bond through a frictionless, truly digital, and rewarding pay experience platform called PayEx™, the seamlessness of which contributes to employee engagement and retention without any cost to the employer. DailyPay’s solution is loaded with features that allow employees to send their wages straight to savings, receive bonuses and incentives, and off-cycle payments.

  • Findd is an intelligent mobile time and performance platform that has an exceptional ability to turn any smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated biometric time clock. The platform combines cutting-edge facial recognition technology along with geofencing and 3D microlocations to help prevent attendance fraud. What is unique to Findd’s biometric authentication system is that unlike many other facial recognition platforms that require manual comparison by supervisors in the backend, it leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and has built an advanced learning algorithm that verifies the identity of an employee astutely

  • Macorva has developed an employee survey feedback tool that measures engagement and drives meaningful action to increase employee engagement. By capturing employee experiences as specific, actionable data, the Macorva survey identifies specific situations that limit engagement before they negatively impact company goals. Macorva’s 360-degree feedback platform is easily accessible via emails and even text messages through any smart device. Although the portal does not need multiple logins by a user, its security features have been well taken care of by the firm. The company believes that a happy employee is a productive one and focuses on ensuring the same for its clients

  • Wade & Wendy

    Wade & Wendy

    Wade & Wendy enables teams and talent to adapt with the changing teams. The company is providing a more humanized experience, and creating scalable, knowledgeable and insight-driven processes. Every day, the company works to create a foundation of trust in the relationships with their products and their partners. The company invests the time and holds themselves accountable to build trusted partnerships



    ATOBI provides solutions to make things simpler for businesses while engaging employees at the same time. The ATOBI app is modular and tailor-made according to the needs of its clients. Besides, the app can be customized to look and feel to your brand. Several multinational brands are using ATOBI to engage their employees to increase sales and create unforgettable customer experiences

  • Enspire


    Enspire is a custom branded employer app and communication platform for employees. The company provides the technology and team to integrate the clients' brand identity and a unique and personalized experience for each one of their team members through analysis of data, benefits, seasons and trends. From health and social to career and finances, Enspire's comprehensive solution amplifies the clients' brand's voice

  • Gnowbe


    Gnowbe was created to empower content creators, thought leaders and trainers from organizations to scale experiential, participatory learning on mobile to develop real skills and change mindsets and behaviors. They essentially created the new digital trainer. Gnowbe moves learning from just ‘knowing’ to ‘learn-by-doing’ and ‘learn-by-teaching’ which is the ultimate in learning design

  • Pingboard


    Pingboard was built on the foundational belief that employees on the ground should be empowered to make decisions and move quickly, and that they should have access to the essential info that helps them do this. Pingboard gives the employees access to essential information about people, teams, and the company. It’s how people keep up with who's who and what’s new, see when coworkers are available, and celebrate each other

  • WorXsiteHR


    WorXsiteHR provides healthcare plan for lower wage workers, part-time and seasonal employees. The plan, known as HealthWorX is a no cost to both employee and employer – while also generating a substantial FICA tax savings. The program uses both the tax savings from the plan's Section 125 status and a tax-free donation from a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit to meet the no-cost objective