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Top 10 HR Tech Startups - 2019

In today’s digitally-driven business arena, HR managers are embracing a slew of technologies to make their work easier and help make better decisions. With a shift toward HR tech, the HR managers are now much more agile and have greater freedom to make a significant impact on corporate culture. In addition, the escalating trends in the HR tech realm, promises a positive environment for the employees.

Bringing the power of technology into HR management, HR tech startups are providing organizations and people with innovative solutions to resolve their everyday struggles. The startups are simplifying the convoluted HR processes by leveraging disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), advanced automation, cloud computing, predictive intelligence, and so on. Through their innovative HR tools that are intertwined with next-gen technologies, HR tech startups are enabling better employee performance, streamlined administrative tasks, and much more.

As an effort to help organizations strategize their HR management and simultaneously enable growth in the sector, HR Tech Outlook’s 2019 edition has compiled some of the leading HR tech startups with a trove full of innovative solutions and services that can help your organization stay aligned to the ever-evolving market and its regulatory norms. In this issue of ‘Top 10 HR Tech Startups,’ we have listed out few leading companies bringing their best solution on the floor and talking about how it can change your organization for better. For instance, one of the featured companies in the magazine— EverythingBenefits—is automating every facet of ‘benefits administration’ for numerous mid-to-large organizations eliminating compliance risk and reducing workloads. Another featured company—Wolf—is enabling temporary staffing companies to go on-demand with its white label off-the-shelf platform backed by proprietary AI algorithm for identifying required staff.

To further substantiate the tech transformation in the HR realm, CIOs working in the HR industry have penned their insights about new innovations, industrial happenings, and their advice to the aspiring CIOs seeking for it.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 HR Tech Startups – 2019.”

    Top HR Tech Startups

  • is a company that helps employers to make better, data-driven decisions. We get that each employer's need for analytics can differ. Based in Indianapolis, the company was founded in the years 2016. From its inception, the company with a team of experts specializes in providing Human Capital Management, HCM Analytics, Workforce Management, Big Data, ETL in HCM, HR Dashboards, HR Analytics, Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition Analytics, Talent Retention Analytics, and Workforce Analytics. The organization helps the managers to prevent avoidable overtime and employee burnout

  • Headquartered in New Providence, NJ, EverythingBenefits offers solutions to clients that can revolutionize all aspects of benefit delivery experience. With its three unique product suites--Benefits Made Simple, Connected Living, and Cost containment/analytics, the company is able to provide its clients with all the benefits services they need. The company's plug-and-play solutions is capable of working with any HCM technology. The company caters over 3000 clients, including employers, brokers, payroll/HCM providers, and benefits providers. EverythingBenefits aims to use technology to make life simpler, more rewarding, and enjoyable

  • InvolveSoft is committed to helping leadership drive company alignment using artificial intelligence and analytics. The company's platform is similar to Instagram and aims to help leaders in successfully communicating with a dispersed workforce. It also provides leaders with AI-driven real-time insights on sales, customers, and market trends. InvolveSoft's platform is capable of deep diving into your employee communication channels and delivering the most valuable insights to assist with making proactive and actionable changes. Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, InvolveSoft makes company information accessible

  • San Mateo, California-based Jobvite provides various tools that imbue efficiency into the critical facets of a firm’s recruitment process. Firstly, Jobvite Hire is the industry’s first candidate-centric applicant tracking system (ATS) that leverages its automated intelligence to help organizations screen and rank candidates quickly, forecast time-to-fill, and allows recruiters make better decisions, thereby saving time and costs. At the same time, Jobvite Engage assists recruiters in bolstering their recruitment marketing to make a great first impression for potential employees and keep them continuously engaged in their brand. Lastly, Jobvite Onboard bolsters the process by centralizing all onboarding activities and digitalizing the cumbersome HR and employee verification paperwork to maximize accountability and eliminate redundant paper entry

  • Talentify was formed on the principle that there was an easier, more scalable way to find, assess, and select candidates at scale while delivering experiences. The company has built Beautiful and Smart technology assisting Talent Acquisition teams in identifying and communicating their Employer Value Proposition to the right talent. That technology can exist to establish a connection and engage talent with talent. By doing so, they can create more meaningful interactions for those involved. Their purpose is to enable people who work with Talent to actually work with Talent, by freeing up their valuable time and nudging them to take the next right action

  • UPRAiZAL provides its namesake SaaS-based DIY, configurable comprehensive solution for continuous task-based performance appraisal and task management. For enhanced employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and transparency in the performance evaluation process along with higher productivity in an organization, UPRAiZAL has gamified the whole appraisal process. Like a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter, UPRAiZAL’s continuous task-based performance appraisal system enables a digital workplace where employees can access a common forum to appreciate other employees or ask for any work-related assistance. The company provides analytics with NLP for real-time employee evaluation as well as TriXCi, an AI-based conversational interface chatbot for customer care

  • Beaconforce


    Beaconforce is a real-time, continuous solution that combines Machine Learning and Emotional Intelligence to create work environments that motivate people and ultimately improve performance. The company focuses on creating environments that allow people to be the best version of them. The company delivers solutions that will spark behavioral change in other organizations and lead the people to realize their potential. The company founders created Beaconforce to increase trust, intrinsic motivation, and a sense of belonging at work while advancing team performance at all levels of the organization, thereby enhancing corporate performance, ultimately increasing profits, shareholder value and competitive edge

  • Hixme


    Hixme’s revolutionary WorkPlace Market™ frees employers from the burdens and risks associated with an increasingly obsolete and ineffective group benefits model. At the same time, this platform frees workers to establish the best coverage fit for each member of the family. Hixme’s clients experience year over year savings compared to double-digit increases in the old model. Hixme’s WorkPlace Market™ accesses thousands of direct-to-consumer health plans and a much more significant risk pool than traditional employer-by-employer pooling. The resulting coverages are more affordable due to integrated health plan bundles that manage risk and personal preferences better than stand-alone health plans

  • PeopleJoy


    For CEOs and business leaders struggling to address a talent shortage, PeopleJoy is a new employee benefit that attracts and keeps millennial talent using student loan repayment assistance. The company helps manage student loans, find the best repayment options. It empowers them regaining their power as a borrower and work towards financial goals. PeopleJoy’s free tool provides quick, simple, practical guidance on saving money on student loans. The company gives fast and accurate assistance who do not know what works best for them. It provides all the information needed and helps it make sense on the phone, thereby saving time

  • Wolf


    Wolf, a HR tech startup, offers first-of-its-kind on-demand temporary staffing (OTS) platform for small and medium temporary staffing companies. The OTS platform is an off-the-shelf solution that requires no coding and can be up and running in an hour. With just a few clicks, a temporary staffing agency can import their existing database into the platform. From there on, the entire recruiting process is automated, from finding the best candidate to making payments and handling timesheets. What’s more, the platform is white-labeled, allowing companies to run it as their own software instead of following a co-branding approach