Karbonpay: An Innovative Approach To Streamlining Cross-border Payroll

Top 10 HR Tech Startups - 2021

The continuous disruption of the workplace ecosystem by newer technological innovations is driving enterprises into adopting digital mediums and harnessing the power and convenience of the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) in each of their departments. Human Resources (HR) is no exception.

Maintaining quality in HR operations has perhaps never been more imperative than it is now. Even though businesses had been through a struggling phase of layoffs in 2020 due to lockdowns and economic downturn, 2021 witnessed a sudden but massive rebound with the skyrocketing recruitment. Organizations are experiencing a renewed vigor in their inclinations toward leveraging HR technologies to improve operations as more and more of them are shifting their workplace to the cloud and adopting remote work culture.

But with workplaces going remote, companies are struggling to maintain their HR operations without that provision of traditional face-to-face interviews in getting to know the personality and skills of their candidates. As a result, they are looking for innovative and robust HR tech solutions that can help them carry out their processes. HR tech has liberated the HR operatives from the weight of manual organization and administration, allowing them to spend more time on boosting productivity, employee proficiency, employee interaction, and profit margins. The rapid acceleration of this digital transformation, AI adoption, and automation is driving the growth of several tech startups. So, without further ado, we provide you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Tech Startups - 2021,” comprising startups that are well on their way to achieving breakthrough triumphs.

    HR Tech Startups

  • Bites is a game-changing employee communications and training platform that simplifies the way knowledge is communicated within organizations. Bites enables anyone to easily and quickly create and manage digital bite-sized learning units, everywhere and anytime. You can compile the ‘bites’ into one playlist and share them with your employees, who will feel a personal connection to you while watching. It is a modern one-of-a-kind microlearning solution that is ideal for employee training.

  • GoodJob’s machine-learning technology and assessment tools are proven to reduce time and cost to hire, lower churn rates, and improve employee productivity. Its AI platform efficiently searches for culture fits and effortlessly mitigates bias to hire and promote for Diversity & Inclusion. The company’s algorithm instantly scores and ranks all candidate matches based on their qualifications, their preferences, and their PATH Assessment results. GoodJob guarantees the hiring of the right employee in a much faster and cheaper manner.

  • KarbonPay allows companies to automate gross-to-net payroll calculations across multiple countries by offering a robust cloud-based SaaS tool. With KarbonPay, companies can invest in a unified multi-country payroll strategy to address and mitigate statutory compliance and regulatory risks and optimize operational costs in the long run. The platform automatically calculates payroll by factoring in all the variables and provides instant, accurate results, saving clients time and money. While most payroll providers don't have the option to send money across borders, with KarbonPay, clients can disburse salaries to their employees spread around the world with just a click

  • Sparrow combines incredible service and modern technology to handle the most painful parts of leave, ensure exceptional employee experience, and assist with compliance for all types of leave in the United States and Canada. Sparrow's dedicated leave experts handle every aspect of leave, from paperwork to employee questions. Caring companies, such as Figma, Plaid, and Aurora, trust Sparrow with their leave management

  • The Texas-based company offers a unique trivia-based cloud application that helps companies better engage their workforce and automate knowledge retention.

  • AdminaHealth


    AdminaHealth is a cloud-based provider of a powerful industry-recognized SaaS Billing Suite Platform for the employee benefits and insurance marketplace - automating invoice consolidation, reconciliation, and streamlining payment management. They integrate with leading Enrollment and Benefit Administration systems to ensure accurate premium billing services resulting in significant operational efficiencies. They support all billing types and coverages for small, medium, and enterprise businesses

  • Appcast


    Appcast is a global provider of recruitment advertising technology and enterprise managed services for talent acquisition. They are a pioneer of programmatic job advertising, which uses complex algorithms to help employers increase engagement with qualified candidates by showing people the right job ads, at the right time, in the right place

  • Findd


    Findd is passionate about discovering ways to they advanced technology to improve the lives of people in the real world. They help TIME & LABOR MANAGEMENT and PAYROLL companies’ standout from their competition by providing a unique time tracking solution that utilizes FACIAL RECOGNITION and BEACONS to provide accuracy that GPS can't. The firm partners with TLM providers to integrate our Android and iOS mobile solutions to effectively remove time-based and supervisor fraud, saving companies millions

  • HireArt


    HireArt is the single all-in-one tool to hire, employ, and manage your contract workforce. HireArt’s technology onboards new hires in minutes and uses an intuitive UI for employers and employees alike, streamlining access to W-2s, timesheets, expenses, and more. By combining some of the best benefits offerings in the industry with expert HR support, HireArt offers a downright delightful employment experience with a contractor NPS score of 75 percent. All while remaining 100 percent compliant

  • Textio


    Textio's mission is to build software that creates understanding between people. Their category-defining augmented writing platform is transforming how people communicate. Textio brings the world's most advanced language insights into your hiring and employer brand content. Plus, write more places with their newest ATS integrations, and uncover more ways to build belonging with age and ability bias interruption and expanded language and team analytics