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Gaurav Bhattacharya, CEO, InvolveSoftSaumya Bhatnagar, CEO and CTO and Gaurav Bhattacharya, CEO
Effective communication is a pre-requisite for the proper functioning and success of any organization. Due to growth in remote workers as well as a shift towards a distributed workforce, achieving productive interaction among employees and employers has become a challenge for enterprises. This has resulted in misalignment between the leaders and employees. Around 80 percent of the global workforce is considered to be “deskless” as most of them are mobile workforce groups pertaining to constriction, transportation and agriculture. Businesses usually face problems when it comes to aligning their distributed workforces with their vision and mission, in conveying information from the top-level management in a more direct and engaging manner, and in encouraging active participation from employees. Addressing this predicament is InvolveSoft, with their cloud-based Instagram-like workplace community platform that fosters a two-way communication with enterprise leaders and employees.

InvolveSoft was founded Gaurav Bhattacharya and Saumya Bhatnagar—who leads the company as its CEO and CTO respectively—with the aim of making the workplace a conductive and well-coordinated environment through productive interaction; one that nurtures a healthy work culture. “Broadly, InvolveSoft works on two crucial ideas, the first one is a top-down communication while the second one is the bottom-top feedback,” quotes Bhattacharya. Facilitating the former, the intuitive and mobile-friendly platform sports a card-like interface and houses functionalities for e-mailing and text messaging and as well integrates with tools like Slack and SharePoint that are generally storehouses of valuable workplace information. The platform allows employees to interact and express opinions via likes, comments and sharing stories (posts and images). Users can also organize and manage events. It helps admins in creating groups with respect to teams, location, interests and enables companies to customize the content on the landing page.

InvolveSoft works on two crucial ideas, the first one is a top-down communication while the second one is the bottom-top feedback

The surveys, multimedia files and comments that the platform can capture based on the geographical location and employee demographics conveys a powerful message to the leaders about their employees’ behaviour.

Secondly, the platform leverages Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to perform sentiment analysis and study the reaction of the workforce towards the content being shared and also their interactions with each other. The analytical insights can then be reviewed by top-level leaders like CIOs and CHROs to evaluate aspects such as sales interactions, customer pain points and preferences, market trends and risks, and how well the workforces responds to board-level messages. All these capabilities ultimately help to uncover opportunities for improvement. InvolveSoft’s platform is equally robust from a security and compliance standpoint. The company implements top-level encryption and does not store any of their clients’ data locally.

The success story of one of their clients best exemplifies InvolveSoft’s value proposition. InvolveSoft aided a Fortune 25 company with around 20,000 employees spread around 160 different locations with different backgrounds. “The challenge was to streamline and automate internal communication, knowledge sharing as well as track employees’ feedback and event management for all of their employees,” added Bhattacharya. After integrating InvolveSoft, the client could see a significant increase in the engagement factor and a rise in the enrichment level due to the knowledge sharing in the community.

Evidently, the comprehensive communication platform can be used by the top leaders of a company to build a strong work culture and raise employee engagement and loyalty. Scripting more such success stories, InvolveSoft aims at bridging the communication gap at workplaces as well as look forward to achieving targeted revenue milestone by creating a large customer base for themselves. By placing customer satisfaction and trust at the core of their business policies, the company is all set to address future endeavours through its advanced range of products, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the evolving trends in the employee communications space.
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Santa Monica, CA

Saumya Bhatnagar, CEO and CTO and Gaurav Bhattacharya, CEO

InvolveSoft is committed to helping leadership drive company alignment using artificial intelligence and analytics. The company's platform is similar to Instagram and aims to help leaders in successfully communicating with a dispersed workforce. It also provides leaders with AI-driven real-time insights on sales, customers, and market trends. InvolveSoft's platform is capable of deep diving into your employee communication channels and delivering the most valuable insights to assist with making proactive and actionable changes. Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, InvolveSoft makes company information accessible