UPRAiZAL: A Gamified Platform for Performance Appraisals

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Kiran Soin, Co-Founder & CTO and Gurpreet Singh, Founder & CEO , UPRAiZALKiran Soin, Co-Founder & CTO and Gurpreet Singh, Founder & CEO
For long, enterprises across diverse industries have been swearing by the traditional appraisal process, which all seems too heretical. While employers strive to be as meritocratic as possible, performance assessments are often ambiguous and even let implicit biases creep in. According to Gurpreet Singh, a seasoned professional and entrepreneur, although the whole evaluation process appears innocuous, in essence, performance appraisals are “broken”, often lacking many important aspects. He explains that conventional performance reviews are reliant on managerial honesty and recollection. This leaves the door open to nepotism and bias, leading to employee dissatisfaction, lack of engagement, and turnover; too often, employees believe their most crucial contributions go unrecognized. Against this backdrop, employees are filled with anxiety and left confused with no clarity on their performance appraisals, until now.

Kiran Soin – Co-Founder and CTO of UPRAiZAL and her dynamic team at UPRAiZAL are challenging the status quo with their SaaS-based DIY configurable comprehensive solution for continuous task-based performance appraisal and task management. A game-changer in this realm, UPRAiZAL is dramatically transforming the way performance appraisals are conducted in organizations. With a mission to bring about enhanced employee engagement, employee satisfaction and transparency in the performance evaluation process along with higher productivity in an organization, UPRAiZAL has gamified the whole appraisal process to boost employee engagement. Additionally,the platform facilitates a transparent digital workplace that enables employees’ access to a common forum to appreciate other employees or ask for any work-related assistance which is responded to by any other employee within the organization. “UPRAiZAL’s Digital Workspace is much like a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter which enables employees to see and appreciate their colleagues’ unique contributions, feel recognized and valued for their own performance, and gain a clear understanding of the impact individual actions have on enterprise success”explains Kiran.

Another unique aspect about UPRAiZAL is its point-in-time appraisal feature, which involves rating an employee based on a continuous accumulation of tasks. This rating identifies the performers and non-performers and provides retrospective and forward-looking perspective of employee performance. At all times employees know exactly where they stand and why, while managers can identify performance gaps and take rapid, corrective action. UPRAiZAL provides a dashboard for the employee and the manager where they can see the performance of the team at any given point in time. The ratings based on the number of tasks completed with perfection play an instrumental role in risk analysis pertaining to the success or failure of a particular task in the future. The risk analysis (work speed, quality, and task performance history) of the team gives an idea to the manager where he has to focus his energies and who in that entire chain is valuable, who needs constant monitoring, and who needs less monitoring.

This process of gamifying the performance appraisal system can work wonders for elevating employee engagement and productivity

For the non-performers, UPRAiZAL offers its Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The plan helps predict and mitigate risk by tracking individual employee performance. During PIP, the underperformers are given enough mentoring and feedback to turn them into valuable contributors UPRAiZAL propagates constant conversation between the employee and manager, it incentivizes constructive, supportive, and mutually reinforcing interactions, boosting team performance and employee satisfaction. Constant conversations around performance become the norm, reducing cognitive dissonance and improving employee motivation; and by objectively defining contribution parameters and standards, fewer employees feel that their efforts go unnoticed.

UPRAiZAL at its core has the inbuilt Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, powered by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The engine analyses the tone and the sentiment of the conversation, and consequently reports to an NLP administrator and provides analytics for real-time employee evaluation and behavior.

While the plethora of features and functionalities of UPRAiZAL are already a hit among the employees and managers across various organizations, as per Singh, the configurability of the software is where the company has received the most appreciation. “Our highly configurable product can be rolled out in an organization in a week. We configure it and train our clients; we put the steering wheel in the hands of our clients, allowing them to control the application on their own terms,” informs Singh. TriXCi— UPRAiZAL’s AI-based conversational interface chatbot— provides customers with immediate assistance 24x7. TriXCi – makes it easy for users to find the functions or information they’re looking for, resolving most issues without the need for tech support involvement.

While being a standalone product, the UPRAiZAL demonstratesseamless interoperability and integration with various HRMS/HCM suites and task management software, including JIRA, GitHub, Microsoft Outlook,Team Foundation Server, MS Dynamics, Google Task, and many more. From the deployment standpoint, the software supports multi-tenant environment, which enables an organization to run any department as a tenant. As a cross-organization and multilingual, industry agnostic software, UPRAiZAL is set for work in different verticals, such as customer service, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Call centers, IT software companies, healthcare, utilities, and many more. Encouraging, engaging, and developing clients’ talent pool, UPRAiZAL aims to provide employees with the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to their organizations. Moving ahead, Singh and the entire UPRAiZAL team are enthusiastic about disrupting the performance appraisal segment and transforming businesses.
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Kiran Soin, Co-Founder & CTO and Gurpreet Singh, Founder & CEO

UPRAiZAL provides its namesake SaaS-based DIY, configurable comprehensive solution for continuous task-based performance appraisal and task management. For enhanced employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and transparency in the performance evaluation process along with higher productivity in an organization, UPRAiZAL has gamified the whole appraisal process. Like a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter, UPRAiZAL’s continuous task-based performance appraisal system enables a digital workplace where employees can access a common forum to appreciate other employees or ask for any work-related assistance. The company provides analytics with NLP for real-time employee evaluation as well as TriXCi, an AI-based conversational interface chatbot for customer care