Mobile Talent: One-Stop Shop for Streamlined Recruitment Communications

Christopher Lang, CEO, Mobile TalentChristopher Lang, CEO
Whether you manage hiring for a company with many employees or work with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) organization, streamlining recruitment and the entire candidate communication process ubiquitously remain the key necessities for successfully onboarding new talent. As the war for talent keeps burgeoning due to extremely low unemployment rates in many regions among other factors, recruiting and hiring experts are now challenged to navigate more efficient technologies and better methods of sourcing and engaging candidates. Highlighting the same, Christopher Lang, CEO of Mobile Talent shares that the need for engaging larger qualified candidate pools and reducing time to hire are more pressing than ever, “The time has come for companies to put the pedal to the metal and take advantage of the latest technology tools to attract their target candidates and stay connected with them in real time.” To this end, his firm brings forth state-of-the-art mobile recruiting SaaS solutions to help recruiters locate, connect and engage with more relevant job seekers right on their mobile devices.

Mobile Talent’s simple, user-friendly platform brings efficiency and transparency between recruiters and job seekers and streamlines the communication between them. The platform comes with TCPA and GDPR compliant SMS communication tools and has in-built chatbots that assist recruiters to instantly and efficiently engage with job seekers. With employer branding becoming more critical than ever to stay competitive, recruiters can easily customize and brand “job microsites” included with the platform and share highlights about the role, company, culture, benefits and more with job seekers. The candidate experience is extremely simple, enabling interested parties to enter their details in a mobile-first environment in minutes.
Every opening posted on the platform includes a set of customizable, pre-qualifying questions that helps recruiters quickly evaluate candidate pools and prioritize their follow up activities to focus on the most viable options. Further, Mobile Talent’s technology can also be seamlessly integrated into prominent ATS partner platforms via a flexible API to assist recruiters in sending pre-qualified leads in minimal time for further follow up.

“The core pillars of our platform are built on agile, mobile first technology, a really simple user experience for recruiters and candidates and regional relevance—all which deliver significantly higher response rates and faster time to hire at lower costs for our customers,” says Lisa Singer, CMO at Mobile Talent. While almost any organization today can benefit from mobile recruiting solutions, key industries they focus on include retail, telecom, healthcare, financial services, call centers and hospitality to name a few.

Mobile Talent enables its customers to get up and running very quickly and efficiently as the deployment time of its mobile platform is very minimal.

Often, in today’s competitive hiring landscape, increasing candidate drop-off rates and lengthy response times are fueling the recruiting communication gap. To help mitigate these issues, the Mobile Talent platform plays an exemplary role in improving recruiting operations and bolstering their conversion rates—regularly seeing around 8X candidate response rates vs. other media placements. Referring to one such success story, Lang cites that his firm assisted a customer with very large hiring volumes for certain roles, reduce time-to-hire by almost 42 percent. Through the Mobile Talent platform, the customer was able to source and engage with more job seekers in a more viable manner, improve overall recruitment efficiency and significantly optimize their sourcing media spend.

Currently, the firm is serving customers in the US, Canada, and the European Union with immediate plans for further global expansion. In the days ahead, the firm has plans to augment the existing AI capability of its chatbot platform and bring more tangible benefits to its customers. “We’ve just added some exciting enhancements including popular instant message communication channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as well as additional rules-based chatbot automation capabilities, further expanding the value we provide to our global customers and their candidates,” concludes Lang.