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Carley Childress, CEO, MacorvaCarley Childress, CEO
“One bad apple can spoil the bunch.” This proverbial saying holds true - especially in large companies where one employee with a negative outlook can be a bad influence on many others. Often, employees wish that their managers were better informed about the way things really get done in the workplace. Some employees may be the glue holding teams together, but may not reach their managers’ radar often enough. What if there were a survey platform where employees could give feedback on everyone in the organization? Wouldn’t it be convenient if their opinions could be anonymously sent to company management? Leaders could then use this feedback to ensure transparency and fairness in operations, leading to positive employee experiences and better business outcomes.

This is where Macorva’s turnkey employee experience solution steps in. Traditional firms deploy surveys to measure employee engagement, but they do not get optimal data to act on to benefit workers. Macorva’s next-generation employee engagement SaaS survey platform provides actionable data to organizations that allows them to assess their workforce and ensure decisions match employees’ perspectives. “Businesses are more productive and profitable, with better retention and happier employees, when there’s greater engagement,” begins Carley Childress, founder and CEO of Macorva. “We capture employee experiences as measurable data so that companies can move the needle on engagement by creating more engaged employees.”
Macorva offers an unlimited 360-degree feedback survey sent with emails and text messages and accessed from any smart device. “We also provide pulse surveys where organizations can choose to do a global survey for all employees or specific surveys for certain groups of employees,” informs Carley. The survey responses are analyzed with AI to segregate common subjects and their surrounding sentiment. Post survey, employees can see the ratings provided to them by their peers, managers, and subordinates.

Macorva’s feedback survey empowers management to close the feedback loop with targeted action plans designed to improve employee performance, increase manager effectiveness, promote recognition of strong team players, and more. The crucial aspect is defining next steps by using comprehensive employee experience survey data to automatically generate action plans after feedback initiatives.

Speaking about one of her practical observations, Carley notes, “Company management often worries that their view of potential leaders may not match employees’ perspectives.” She further elaborates on how the CEO of a company wanted to promote his VP of operations to COO. He realized that it could be a turning point for the company but could also result in a fallout if the employees did not agree with the transition. To determine whether other employees saw the same strengths in the prospective candidate that he did, the CEO sought the services of Macorva’s survey platform. Fortunately, he received overwhelmingly positive feedback from across the company, enabling him to confidently promote the VP to COO.

In the wake of the current pandemic situation encircling the globe, the company is vigilant of its clients’ requirements. “We need to find out exactly who needs training, empower managers to better communicate with their employees, and see how the transition to remote work is going,” explains Carley.

After scripting numerous success stories in the realm of employee experience, the firm aims to repeat the feat in customer experience. “We have a feature-rich platform around customer feedback that integrates with employee feedback. Management can see peer-to-peer and customer feedback for all of their employees, all in one place,” concludes Carley.
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Carley Childress, CEO

Macorva has developed an employee survey feedback tool that measures engagement and drives meaningful action to increase employee engagement. By capturing employee experiences as specific, actionable data, the Macorva survey identifies specific situations that limit engagement before they negatively impact company goals. Macorva’s 360-degree feedback platform is easily accessible via emails and even text messages through any smart device. Although the portal does not need multiple logins by a user, its security features have been well taken care of by the firm. The company believes that a happy employee is a productive one and focuses on ensuring the same for its clients