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Eran Heffetz, CEO, BitesEran Heffetz, CEO
With over 15 years in the teaching and e-learning space, both Tal Nagler Almog and Hagai Horovitz were intimately familiar with the challenges of communicating and delivering professional knowledge in an engaging and effective manner. They were joined by Eran Heffetz, a serial entrepreneur, who too encountered similar challenges while attempting to train and deliver professional content to the frontline and “deskless” employees working in his corporate ventures. The challenges of creating and delivering compelling content to a modern workforce with on-the-go lives and short attention spans are what inspired the birth of Bites in 2016.

“Bites addresses one of the biggest employee communication and training challenges that businesses face”, explains Eran Heffetz, CEO of Bites. “We simplify the way knowledge is communicated by enabling anyone within an organization to create and distribute professional, social-mediastyled videos and content using their smartphone and without requiring employees to download special software or new applications to their phones.”

Specializing in effective and engaging professional communication with frontline and deskless employees, Bites is being used across a wide range of industries, including retail, food and beverage, construction, family entertainment, amusement parks, and anywhere where companies want an easy and effective method of communicating with their teams. The company’s content creation app is developed with an advanced video editor and optimizing AI that empowers anyone within the organization to become a content creator, democratizing information across the organization. The media is then bundled with an interactive Q&A section, flashcards for retention, and an optional discussion area where employees and

Using Bites, anyone can easily create and manage digital bite-sized learning units, anywhere and anytime, by using nothing but their smartphone

managers can discuss and engage, delivering real two-way communication between the teams. While remaining remote, managers have access to robust analytics data showing engagement and completion rates.

Heffetz strongly believes in the company’s mission of reinventing employee communication by leveraging concepts from social media and training to create a powerful platform designed for today’s distributed and remote workforce. “Unlike other platforms on the market, we do not try to bring employees into our ecosystem. Our philosophy is to meet employees in the place they are most attentive, the communication apps they are already using. It could be through WhatsApp, SMS, Slack or any other communication app so they don’t need to install, learn or get used to a new ecosystem,” he says.

A leading international retail chain recently encountered an exchange that perfectly exemplifies the effectiveness of the Bites mobile platform. A retail floor associate in a flagship store had refused to refund a gift card a customer had purchased. The customer retaliated by putting up a post on Facebook on refund laws, terms and conditions calling out on the retailer. Within a few minutes, the retailer’s VP of Sales used Bites to record herself explaining the correct return policy for gift cards and was able to distribute the Bite to every associate in the territory. Within just a few hours, 90 percent of the employees had watched the Bite, enabling quick and efficient information transfer.

Scripting many such success stories, organizations of every size are encouraged to create Bites to share professional content to communicate with their frontline employees. Currently, the app is available for free for organizations up to 25 users, and a 30-day free trial and flexible payment models for larger organizations are also available. “Our plan is to expand the company and bring value to every size and every kind of organization. Covid has increased the need for unified, remote communication and we will continue to focus on bringing true value to our customers,” says Heffetz.

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Tel-Aviv, Israel

Eran Heffetz, CEO

Bites is a game-changing employee communications and training platform that simplifies the way knowledge is communicated within organizations. Bites enables anyone to easily and quickly create and manage digital bite-sized learning units, everywhere and anytime. You can compile the ‘bites’ into one playlist and share them with your employees, who will feel a personal connection to you while watching. It is a modern one-of-a-kind microlearning solution that is ideal for employee training.